Primary Parents Workshop on CSL

Primary Parents Workshop on CSL

Primary Principal Sarah McCormack met with parents virtually in the Parent Workshop

Parents have been supporting their children through online and at home learning for many, many weeks. This week, Primary Principal Sarah McCormack and the Primary Leaders of Learning led a workshop for parents on suporting their child through CSL.

Parents received tips and strategies to help their child(ren) learn more effectively and on maintaining well-being during CSL. Parents and teachers met in separate Year groups to get information more tailored to their child’s development and needs. Around 150 parents took part in the virtual workshop. Sarah talked about making successful remote relationships, with one of the key takeaways being that parents can support their children best when they take on a monitoring, mentoring and motivating role, rather than occupying the role of a second teacher. Children then are able to be self-motivated, accountable and responsible, and these children get the most out of their learning – in remote-learning or in class.

The session also emphasised the importance of getting away from screens. Reading a book and spending some time together are amongst the activities that improve well-being for both the student and the parent.

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