Rainforest Canopies Over Year 5

Rainforest Canopies Over Year 5

Research and discovery in the rainforest

Year 5 students began their rainforest-focused learning unit by collaborating and constructing their very own rainforest in the Year 5 shared area. The students first researched the various aspects of rainforests, allocating each class a specific area to research and construct. One area of focus was Vines and Leaves. Year 5 discovered that leaves differ in each section of the rainforest depending on how much sunlight there is. Large leaves cover the forest floor and the understory, where little light penetrates, whereas in the canopy, where there is much light, leaves are abundant, but small.

Another area of focus was the birds of the rainforest. Year 5 learned that researching bird species can be very time consuming and detailed. Students also learned about how Birds of Paradise have evolved into fascinating dancers!

Mammals and Reptiles served as a third area of focus, with students challenging themselves to construct 3D animals. The Year 5 technicians helped to construct some amazing sloths and toucans! Students also had a go at creating insects and brightly coloured flowers. Be sure to stop by the Year 5 building to explore the densely-populated rainforest that has taken over these classrooms!

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