Year 5 Rainforest Explorers!

Year 5 Rainforest Explorers!

How can you raise awareness of the importance of rainforests?

Year 5 students rounded off Term 2 learning by determining ways in which they could raise awareness of the importance of rainforests. A few students ventured over to the Secondary School to deliver a fascinating presentation intended to inspire our older students to become more aware about the important roles that rainforests play in the world, and more specifically, the critical challenges facing them. They combined a wealth of learning to inform their Year 7 audience about what tropical rainforests are, where they are located, the main features of rainforests, their diverse and productive ecosystems and how the rainforest is the world’s largest natural pharmacy.

The Year 5 Call-to-Action projects inspired students to dive further into understanding the reasons for deforestation. A combination of independent research, collaborative planning, as well as whole class investigations led them to learn about different examples of deforestation and some strategies in place to support conservation. Equipped with their knowledge, the students created a detailed and dynamic poster to support their presentation whilst also showcasing their learning.

Year 7 students were an attentive audience, providing supportive and helpful feedback for the Year 5 students – “I really liked how much passion [the students] had put into this project… they presented really clearly and we learned a lot! They were also very brave coming to present their poster to Secondary students.”

One of the participating Year 5 students reflected: “I enjoyed collecting all my learning to present to Year 7. Another bonus has been strengthening my friendships through our collaborative work. One of the challenges was making the presentation entertaining while also getting the information across to everyone.”

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