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A Letter from the Head of School

Dear Colleagues,

Bangkok Patana School is one of the leading British international schools in South East Asia with a growing worldwide reputation for excellence. The school is an exciting place to develop professionally in an international context and offers opportunities for teachers at a variety of stages in their career. Successful teachers at Bangkok Patana have a number of things in common. They are enthusiastic and flexible, and have been willing to rise to the challenge of adapting both culturally and socially to a new and very different environment. While motivated by a desire to broaden personal horizons and to travel, they have decided to apply to Bangkok Patana as a conscious professional choice to become part of a leading, innovative educational community. Most importantly, they are inspired by the holistic idea of learning and teaching, and operate best as part of a collaborative team. They are comfortable with the idea of working in an independent, non-selective, fee-paying school, with parents who take a strong interest in their children’s education and who are used to regular access to the professionals responsible for it.

I often say to my leadership team that when I am recruiting a prospective teacher, I’m looking for a teacher that has the three “C’s”; Clever, Creative and Caring. If you come to an interview exhibiting these three traits, there is a good chance you will get offered a position at our amazing school!

Teaching at Bangkok Patana is as demanding as it is rewarding. You have to be prepared to go the extra mile: hours are long and commitment is taken for granted. However, with the school’s collegial environment, the opportunity provided for professional development, an excellently resourced, state-of-the-art campus and students who are full of enthusiasm, Patana has become a place where many teachers have spent a significant portion of their teaching careers.

Bangkok is a huge, sprawling city, with a hot and humid tropical climate. Nevertheless, it is a culturally and socially vibrant place, boasting a wide range of cuisine and it is a wonderful centre from which to explore South East Asia. In short, you must think carefully about whether Bangkok is the environment for you. I think, however, it is fair to say that those who arrive in this incredible city with their eyes open, and are prepared to take advantage of what Thailand has to offer, will enjoy their stay, and, like so many before them, come to regard South East Asia as an area in which they can live for much longer than an initial contract.

All our advertised vacancies are available via this website: If you are interested in working with us and would like to be interviewed for a position, please complete the TES online application form. Please also take the time to read carefully the staff testimonials. We prefer, where possible to interview face-to-face, either in London, or here at Bangkok Patana, for those applicants already in the region. Where this is not possible, we sometimes conduct interviews by Zoom. Short-listed British and continental European-based candidates will be interviewed in London and arrangements will be handled by our representatives. Candidates applying from Asia can be interviewed at the school and, for those applying from other countries, alternative arrangements will be made.

I look forward to meeting you as we undertake recruitment for staff to join us in the next academic year.

With best wishes,

Chris Sammons
Head of School

The information in this post is valid for the date posted above. Our curriculum and policies are dynamic. For up-to-date information, please contact the school directly.