Revamped Campus and Ready Teachers

Revamped Campus and Ready Teachers

Prepped for success in the new academic year

Throughout the summer holidays our campus has undergone renovations and deep cleaning to prepare for the year ahead. From dusting the tallest points of the Front Hard Court roof to power washing the concrete walkways and trimming the countless trees, our staff have been hard at work ensuring that students will be welcomed with a fresh start to the year.

Renovations and summer works are being completed this week, with many areas receiving an updated new look. These include the: Foundation Stage Playground, Year 1/2 Playground, Year 3/4 Playground, Primary Snack Bar (now at the Primary Canteen), Primary Library, School Shop and the Parking Lot on Soi 35. Other summer work that also took place to help maintain a safe and healthy learning environment include: cleaning A/C filters, replacing the roof insulation of parking coverings and installing new flooring in various areas. A wide range of facilities-focused projects are implemented throughout the summer, prioritising student safeguarding.

Campus is not the only aspect of our school ready for the buzz of returning students – our teachers are also onsite to begin preparing lessons, participate in Professional Learning and collaborate for upcoming activities and events. See you on Wednesday 16th August!

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