Sharing Smiles in Year 1

Sharing Smiles in Year 1

Supporting the local community through friendship

During the last week of school, Year 1 welcomed their friends from Grapongdaeng School for a playdate on our campus. Their visit marked the end of a year filled with ethical and informed actions that work to support our local community. The year began with Friendship Friday in Term 1, when teachers from Grapongdaeng School visited to tell Year 1 students all about their school and to discuss similarities and differences. At Christmas, Year 1 gifted donated books to the Grapongdaeng School library and for the students to take home.

In Term 2, Year 1 students raised over THB 135,000 from the Spell-a-thon activity, which was donated to Grapongdaeng School to help renovate their buildings and to provide a new solar-powered water fountain. The first playdate was hosted in Term 2 with a very positive response, leading to the addition of a second playdate in Term 3 to provide an opportunity for all young learners to interact with the various educational provisions on campus. In addition, Year 5 student Annie Shen gifted her Little Free Library to Grapongdaeng School – read more about her experience working on this project in the Patana News here.

Year 1 students were happy to share and play together with their friends from Grapongdaeng School and the Year 1 team looks forward to continuing their support of the school next academic year.

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