Solar Village Expedition a Shining Success!

Solar Village Expedition a Shining Success!

Our SEC students made a positive change in the lives of the villagers at Pang Wua village, Chiang Mai.

Our amazing SEC (Roots & Shoots) students just returned from Pang Wua Village in Chiang Mai’s Wiang Haeng district with smiles on their faces. We have been traveling to this remote Lisu tribe village for many years now and have currently provided over 70 homes solar power that allows them to have basic electrical needs met. This is no small accomplishment. Our students are a part of the Pang Wua village family!

This year, as we felt we’ve helped with the village’s basic solar electricity needs, we brought oscillating fans that are compatible with the kits we provided in the past. The village can be oppressively hot in the summer months and these fans will help so many sleep much more comfortably. We also built the village a wonderful playground for the children of Pang Wua in honor of our very own teacher, Angela Royal, who was passionate about physical activity and children. There is no better way to honor one of our Bangkok Patana family members than by giving children in need a way to be active and have fun.  Fund generated by the Fun Run 2022, which was in honor of Angela as well, paid for this playground.

Along with the above donations, Bangkok Patana School donated over 700 PE kits! Watching the villagers wear these kits immediately with such pride was great for our students to see. There is no doubt that this region of Thailand will have the Patana Tiger spirit worn with pride for many years to come. Don’t be surprised if you visit remote Chiang Mai in the future and see our logo!

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