Staying Healthy in Bangkok

Improving our mental, physical and emotional well-being was the focus of the PTG’s ’Staying Healthy in Bangkok’ presentation.

There was a good turnout for the PTG Staying Healthy in Bangkok presentation held this morning in the Black Box theatre. The panel, including external and internal experts, spoke about ‘What we breathe, what we eat and how we sleep’. Wellness specialist, Judith Coulson presented on the importance of mental, physical and emotional well-being. Adrian Palmer, Secondary Biology teacher and Dr Asadang Dusadi-isariyavong from SOS-Thailand & Laos presented on the science behind air pollution and the medical implications respectively. Karin Biran spoke about how to make healthy food choices in Bangkok, especially in relation to our children and families before Assistant Principal Brian Taylor gave the audience an insight into his sleep journey, the impact it has had on his life and how we can all benefit from an increased understanding of getting some much needed shut-eye. A lively question and answer session closed what was an insightful morning. Many thanks to the PTG for organising.