Did you hear the Buzz..?

Did you hear the Buzz..?

Year 6 students observed Live, Stingless Bees at School..

The Year 6 Enrichment team designed a hands-on Project-Based Learning Activity centered around Sustainability. Students were tasked with finding innovative solutions to support the local bee population, focusing on the decline of wild stingless bees in Thailand.

Our investigation led us to Mark and Jonathan, founders of 99 Hives, who shared insights during a live video session about a bee farm affected by pesticide spraying. On November 24th, the founders brought a live stingless beehive to school for our students to observe. They provided Year 6 with a short summary on sustainability, highlighting the symbolic significance of the decline of stingless bees in relation to humanity’s concern for the future.

Following a group presentation, the Enrichment team delved into hive observations, explored bee products, received detailed insights on population decline, and engaged in a Q&A to generate practical ideas for community impact.

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