The Summation of a Term’s Mental Exertions

The Great Year 6 Mental Addition and Subtraction Quiz!

Some Year 6 teachers took a calculated risk to end the first half term: they decided to use Kahoot to run a quiz for a large number of students on the final day of term, the same day as the Swimming Gala.  Four mathematics groups were invited to take part in ‘The Great Year 6 Mental Addition and Subtraction Quiz’.  Armed with a whiteboard and pen, and a number of strategies such as rounding, adjusting, counting on, partitioning and using number bonds, students mixed and paired up then completed the quiz using their laptops.  In addition to being awarded points for getting the right answer, they also received bonus points for speed and demonstrating the use of an efficient method through their jottings.  Altogether, nearly seventy students took part and the atmosphere was buzzing!  The winning pair was Zach 6G and Sebastian 6E. The main take away for the students was that regular practice makes a difference