TigerSharks Return to the Water

TigerSharks Return to the Water

Excited TigerSharks demonstrate their diverse skillsets, diving in for the first time in a while!

The TigerSharks return to the water, diving back into their schedule of galas and practices. On Friday 4th February, the TigerSharks programme brought the ASA (Swim England) Swim Series back into their competition calendar. This competition provides swimmers of all ages the opportunity to gain new personal best times and competition experience. The Bangkok Patana swim season has been struck hard by COVID, which delayed the return to school this academic year and postponed some competitions in the process. Bringing back this popular event with an opportunity to compete again was definitely appreciated by the TigerSharks – an amazing 132 swimmers signed up to participate! 

The TigerSharks coaches were impressed by how many junior swimmers put on their caps and goggles and stepped up to the starting block, trying their best at a range of events. They demonstrated the skills they had been developing from their coaching sessions and really put on an impressive display! The diversity of skill shown by these junior swimmers is incredibly promising and included some amazing, well-rounded swims – especially in the 100m Individual Medley. 

Coaches were proud to see the senior swimmers helping to facilitate the meet. In addition to competing themselves, senior TigerSharks also took on the role of timekeepers. They showed good role-modelling by encouraging junior swimmers prior to events and passionately supporting the swimmers during their races. Hundreds of new personal best times were accomplished; a big congratulations to the TigerSharks on their achievements! 

The team is looking forward to hosting three further competitions for the ASA Swim Series, which will offer a new range of events to our TigerSharks community.

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