Timo Abrahams ’13

Timo Abrahams ’13

I very much enjoyed meeting and spending time with people from a plethora of different backgrounds and cultures. Even though everyone came from vastly different backgrounds, at Bangkok Patana School we all came together and mingled like there were very little differences between us. I also have very fond memories of all the extracurricular activities at Patana, I particularly enjoyed the sports and school trips.

I still use many of the things I learned at Patana on a daily basis. Something I have benefited from a lot is the experience and knowledge about different ways of thinking across different cultures.

I feel my time at Patana has really helped my ability to empathise with people from different cultures. This ability has really helped me in my work-life, seeing as I’m currently working a country where the culture is very different from my own.

I studied Automotive Business Management at IVA Driebergen Business School in Utrecht, Netherlands. Cars are my passion, they always have been. A career in the automotive industry has always been my dream. At university however, I realised that in order to gain a competitive advantage in the automotive sector, knowledge from outside this sector is very helpful. For this reason I decided that when it was time for me to start looking for a company where I could write my final thesis, I would look for something outside of the automotive sector. I got connected to a company named Rabbit Finance in Bangkok, here I completed my final research project and thesis. Af- ter this placement I was approached by someone from the parent company of Rabbit Finance, VGI. I liked the position I was offered and decided to take it, since then I have been living and working in Bangkok. I am part of the business development team at VGI. The focus of my team is new product development to help the company reach its strategic goals 

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