University Offers: Grad’21

University Offers: Grad’21

Nadiv plans to study Economics and hopes to attend Erasmus University

Nadiv Faraz

Congratulations to Nadiv who has received conditional offers from Erasmus School of Economics, University of Strathclyde, Lancaster University and University of Leeds and scholarship offers from the University of Glasgow and Loughborough University. Nadiv hopes to attend Erasmus where he plans to study Economics.

“Having lived in various countries and been exposed to different standards of living, I could not help but to compare and search for reasons to explain this disparity. This inquisitiveness drove my decision to pursue Economics in school, which also allowed me to better understand the relevance of economic theories in a real-world context. My passion towards economics was further developed as I was surrounded by third-culture students who shared the similar passion.”

“I wanted to ensure that the university I will be attending is highly regarded and competitive in the area of Economics globally. It is also very important that the university values diversity and is open to a more international community with students from all over the world with different perspectives allowing me to adapt and build relationships, to broaden my network. Furthermore, obtaining a degree from a prestigious institution will give me an advantage when pursuing an Economics related career in the future. I felt Erasmus was best suited to my interests and needs.”

“I have attended Bangkok Patana School for two years and have been involved in many different extracurricular activities. I played a role in the school play, “Cabaret” and participated on the varsity Volleyball team. These activities taught me many leadership and teamwork skills, enhancing my ability to effectively collaborate and work with my peers in class.”

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