University Offers: Grad’21

University Offers: Grad’21

James plans to study Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh

James Broadhurst, the University of Edinburgh

Congratulations to James Broadhurst on his offers from the University of Edinburgh, University of Bath, Loughborough University and Exeter University. James plans to attend the University of Edinburgh to pursue his love of Computer Science and technology.

“I applied under the same course, Computer Science, to all the universities. Looking forth, I believe it’s best suited for me to continue my studies at the University of Edinburgh. The city is bustling with people and is a town of historic significance. I feel like I can’t pass up the opportunity to live in such a city and attend such a prestigious university. Moreover, the excellent research facilities and established global presence the university has further inspires me to attend. Also, I’d love to experience a change of pace. I’ve never lived in Scotland before, despite visiting when I was a child. I think living in Edinburgh will be a fulfilling experience. Additionally, the University provides opportunities I wouldn’t have elsewhere for Computer Science students. This includes graduate prospects to reputable institutions such as IBM, Google, Facebook etc.”

 “What drew me towards Computer Science was my fascination with technology. It started simple, learning how to customise my phone to its fullest. This quickly progressed to learning programming and building applications. It started simply, at first such things as organising screenshots automatically. However, the demanding requirements of the IA in IB accelerated my learning and intrigue. I began messing around with Arduino’s, small programmable circuits to create simple devices. I was fortunate enough to demonstrate my learning in a short-term work experience placement where I programmed an application for Android which connected to an air sensor device that concurrently read information in real-time. This was inspired by an Online SPOC course I was taking at the time which explored the Internet of Things (IoT), the notion of integrating technology into everyday life. I wish to explore this further at university and develop even more interesting programmes.”

“Throughout my time at Bangkok Patana, I took part in numerous activities. I was part of the Varsity Volleyball team for the past three years and assumed a leadership role as the Captain. Outside sports, I was also President of LETS, which focuses on eliminating the stigma around mental health around the school. LETS now has its own event annually to remind its students to take care of their mental health.”

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