University Offers: Grad’21

University Offers: Grad’21

Vrund plans to study Finance and Computer Science at USC.

Vrund Italiya, University of Southern California

Congratulations to Vrund Italiya on his offers from the University of Southern California, Boston University, University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business, University of Toronto, Northeastern University, University of Washington and York University. He plans to study Finance and Computer Science at the University of Southern California.

“I’m attending USC (University of Southern California) because it is one of the few universities that exposes me to such a diverse and dynamic city like Los Angeles. Located in the center of LA it will best prepare me for my career in Business and through its extensive Trojan network it will connect me with like-minded individuals that hope to have an impact on the world. The vast amount of resources USC offers its students to explore not only their own majors, but also other fields of study is incomparable to some of the other universities I have applied to, and I cannot wait to explore my passions at USC. I am looking to expose myself to various cultures and perspectives and these schools all embodied an international student body that would fulfill my expectations.”

“I plan to study Finance and Computer Science. Listening to my family talking about business and finance sparked an interest in me which has ultimately led me to apply for business at prospective universities. Although there are preconceptions around finance, I want to explore how I can have an impact on the people around me through the lens of Finance and Computer Science.”

“During my time at Bangkok Patana I have been the Co-president of Rescued Glass. Rescued Glass aims to reduce glass waste by recycling disposed glass bottles into new decorative household products. We’ve been a successful startup amongst staff and students that has also expanded to other international schools across Bangkok. I was heavily involved in service in my years at Bangkok Patana, specifically, CubeCare, taking a trip to deliver tens of thousands of baht worth of medicine to rural villages, which proved beneficial amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Through some of my closest friends I developed a passion for volleyball, which I started getting involved in the last few years through JV and Varsity Volleyball.”

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