University Offers: Grad’21

University Offers: Grad’21

Rhea plans to study Biomedical Science at University College London

Rhea Agarwal, University College London

Congratulations to Rhea Agarwal on her offers from University College London (UCL), King’s College London, Manchester University and University of Edinburgh. Rhea hopes to attend University College London to study Biomedical Science.

“I was attracted to UCL because not only does it provide a good education but also has some of the best rates of student employability simply due to their industrial connections. Also, as a science student it does not restrict me to only science-based activities. For instance, UCL has extra classes for students that wish to begin start-ups and also provide funding if your ideas appeal to them. And to top it all off they have one of the best research facilities in the UK. These things really set UCL apart from all other unis I applied to.”

“I aspire to apply to medical school in UK, US, and Canada after my undergraduate studies. So my focus was on applying to a major that would fulfil all of the requirements that medical schools in any of these countries would require. However, I chose Biomedical Science because it gives me more room to explore my interests; the course offered a lot more flexibility in comparison to other Medical Sciences courses that UCL had to offer.”

“Throughout my time at Bangkok Patana I was part of several CAS/CAT groups including Amnesty International and Smile Club. I also write for a student-led science journal, the Youth Medical Journal. I enjoy badminton and swimming and play the piano.”

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