University Offers: Palis (Fresh) Pisuttisarun, Harvard University

University Offers: Palis (Fresh) Pisuttisarun, Harvard University

Fresh plans to bring his unique perspective to his engineering studies.

Congratulations to Fresh on his offers from Cambridge, Harvard and Stanford.

“I am offered university admission to Harvard, Stanford, and Cambridge and am still deciding between them. I have indicated Engineering and Computer Science as my prospective concentration, but I hope to also pursue Astrophysics, Philosophy, Sociology, and Entrepreneurship. I feel beyond privileged to be able to decide between such prestigious institutions and rest assured that any of these options will provide me with the opportunities to fulfil my intellectual and extracurricular potential.”

“I’m excited to bring my unique perspective on engineering to the table. Many people see engineering as a combination of mathematics, physics, and computer science, but my vision for engineering goes beyond this. For me, being an engineer allows me to utilise inclusive technological innovation to break stereotypes, advocate for marginalised communities, and literally re-engineer more egalitarian social infrastructures. Engineering has traditionally been a field dominated by the privileged—and as a result—their creations often spawned an exclusionary societal blueprint.”

“I hope to combine engineering with my passion for activism and entrepreneurship to innovate our world towards equality. During my years at Patana, I was able to represent the school at the World Mathematics Championships 2018, which I came first place in.”

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