IB Physics Learning Aided by Online Tools

IB Physics Learning Aided by Online Tools

Year 12 IB Physics students are collaborative and confident communicators.

Year 12 IB Physics students are using a variety of platforms and technologies in CSL. For instance, they are using breakout rooms to work collaboratively. As well, Together Mode in Microsoft Teams allows all the students to be shown in one background, giving more of a feeling of being in the same space together almost like a classroom. Students are doing simulated experiments online; playing around with the experiment gives them an intuitive grasp. They also play Kahoot across Teams. This is an online quiz but related to Physics discussions in class which they can activate on their phone or tablet.

Using Whiteboards Online

If the teacher sees that students aren’t getting the concept, then the question is pushed to online whiteboards. In class, students use real whiteboards but the benefit online is that the teacher can see the student working out the problem in real-time. It is like getting to see their exercise books as they are working and allows for constant feedback for the student. The whiteboard can then also be shared with the other students in the class, allowing for collaboration and discussion.

Year 12 Physics students are finding that even though they are using different tools online, they are still getting the same high-quality learning experience.

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