Visiting Jewellery Artist

Visiting Jewellery Artist

Sustainable jewellery design in IB Visual Arts

Year 12 Visual Arts students had an opportunity to work with visiting artist Khun Chartlada Sangakij, a jewellery and textiles expert. Students enjoyed generating sketches, ideas and mind maps that will contribute to the screens in their Process Portfolios, which are an assessed component of the IB Visual Arts course. The jewellery items they made can be exhibited as part of their assessed Exhibition in Year 13, or as part of the Pre-IB show, and are an avenue through which they can explore themes of sustainability, ethical design and the ways in which different cultures communicate their identity through design work.

Through this visit, students were able to learn some new techniques using completely sustainable materials and about the ethical implications of the materials and production scale used in design, as well as how to incorporate environmental sustainability in their future artworks. It also provided students with a forum to discuss creative careers and ask Khun Chartlada their questions.

Khun Chartlada Sangakij is a Bangkok-based jewelry designer who works entirely with sustainable and found materials. You can see further examples of her artwork and jewellery with the hashtag: #chartlajamjewelry

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