Visiting Thai Author in Year 10

Visiting Thai Author in Year 10

Finding joy all around us

Students in Year 10 Thai Language and Literature recently had the opportunity to meet the author of The Happiness of Kati, a Thai novel that won the Southeast Asian Writer Award in 2006. It has also been published globally, including in the US, Spain, China, Japan and Korea. Through reading this novel, students gained many positive ways to work toward fulfilling their individual happiness. Year 10 students will also analyse the book further based on the Critical Writing criteria of the IB Thai Programme in Senior Studies.

During her visit, Khun Ngarmpun Vejjajiva shared her experience writing The Happiness of Kati and imparted some advice for our students. She was interviewed by two students, who shared their reflections of her visit below:

“Being able to have an interview with Khun Ngampun made me very thrilled as her book encourages us to discover joy in our surroundings. Although the main character of the story was about to lose her mother, she continued to smile and laugh around her friends and family. This book teaches us about Thai culture in addition to telling us about the joy all around us. Thank you so much for this opportunity!” Napa-ai (April) Suriyabhivadh

“It was a privilege to interview Khun Ngarmpun, the esteemed author of the book The Happiness of Kati. This remarkable literary work has served as an inspiration for countless young readers and writers alike. Through her book, Khun Ngarmpun imparts valuable lessons about finding happiness in our everyday lives.” Kuntorn (Andy) Chanyarakskul

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