Wonder, Creativity and Curiosity

Wonder, Creativity and Curiosity

Children are inquisitive and creative in Foundation Stage.

It has been a great start to the academic year filled with creativity, curiosity and wonder for our youngest children in school. Developing and encouraging creativity is central to teaching and learning in the Foundation Stage.  The creative arts are an inherent part of the curriculum because they offer so many benefits. From the physical to the social/emotional to the overall development of children’s cognitive and critical thinking abilities.

The creative opportunities for Foundation Stage students include arts and crafts, music and movement, dramatic and role-play, block play and construction. Children have access to engaging creative materials; they explore painting, tinkering, junk modelling, collage and all manner of creative activities to build their skills and imaginations. 

It seems that these children have a wonderful environment for developing and learning as they prepare to move into Key Stage 1. 

The information in this post is valid for the date posted above. Our curriculum and policies are dynamic. For up-to-date information, please contact the school directly.