Year 10  Explore Issues Facing Khlong Toey

Year 10 Explore Issues Facing Khlong Toey

Year 10 Geography students explore the issues facing residents of Khlong Toey.

Year 10 Geography students had a focus on squatter settlements/slums in their unit on human settlements. First, they looked at the social, economic and environmental problems faced by people living in squatter settlements and the informal economy. Then, they looked at strategies which governments, NGOs and charities are putting in place to improve lives in these areas. Students turned to Khlong Toey in Bangkok to explore these issues. They researched the work by NGOs and Bangkok Patana CAS clubs. Target organisations included the Mercy Centre, Helping Hands and the World Food Programme. Their research was used to produce an (I)GCSE style paper and also gave them an insight into the deeper issues of squatter settlements.

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