Year 2 Adventures on the High Seas

Year 2 Adventures on the High Seas

Ahoy, me hearties!

Year 2 students prepared for Pirate Day by arriving to school ready to set sail on a swashbuckling adventure through play-based learning. They dressed in their finest pirate gear or buccaneer story -inspired dress up, and joining the crew were mermaids, lobsters, parrots, and even obscure creatures from the depths of the briny deep!

Before Year 2 set out on their salty adventures, students were treated to a pirate-themed performance from Year 12 IB Drama students. Pirate Day then began with an assembly to get everyone in the swashbuckling spirit. The students were full of energy and enthusiasm as each class competed to see who could shout the most authentic “Aarghh!”, who could jump the furthest off the plank, and who had the greediest captain. Having earnt their sea legs, the students left the Primary Hall with a rousing rendition of their favourite sea shanty.

The festivities kicked off with a pirate obstacle course, where the students had to persevere and navigate through a series of challenges, including crawling through a tunnel, jumping over barrels, and walking the plank. To apply their skill of making links, the students then put their decoding skills to the test with a series of clues that they had to decipher to reveal Captain Blackbeard’s hidden message. It was a challenging task, but the buccaneers were determined to plunder the hidden loot.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the treasure hunt where our young pirates had to choose how they would dig in the sand effectively in search of the hidden booty. Finally, Year 2 let their imaginations run wild as they used their own ideas to draw Jolly Roger flags, including skull and crossbones, swords, and lots of other pirate symbols. The flags were proudly hoisted in the classrooms where the creativity and diversity of their classmates’ designs was admired.

Pirate Day was a huge success, and the students had a swashbuckling time applying the Characteristics of Effective Learning to the challenges. It was a fantastic opportunity for them to use their imaginations, problem solve, persevere, and work together as a team.

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