Year 2 Pirates Search for Treasure

Year 2 Pirates Search for Treasure

Students in Year 2 learn about life as a pirate – walking the planks, dancing jigs, and searching for treasure. Aye-aye mateys!

Throughout this Term, Year 2 will learn about life as a pirate, hundreds of years ago. To introduce the theme of learning, students strapped on their eye-patches, peg-legs, bandanas and hooks and immersed themselves into the murky life of a pirate. Their essential question this term is ‘Would you like to have been a pirate?’ To help them think more deeply about this question, they will become a pirate themselves, writing from their own experiences, whilst also learning about what life was like on a pirate boat; the features, the jobs; the diet and the grubby living arrangements. 

Year 2 students completed eight pirate challenges; each one giving them a clue to the whereabouts of some buried treasure! We walked the plank, we danced a pirate jig, we solved riddles to complete a scavenger hunt, we designed our pirate aliases in the ICT suites, we made our own hats and flags and we even learned to speak in pirate language.

After completing the challenges and putting our clues together we were able to find our booty. It was magnificent. There’s no way we’re telling you seadogs where it is though…..we’d have to walk the plank if we gave that secret away!

An exciting start to our pirate learning – onwards me-hearties!

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