Year 3 Students Grow Plants for Patana Community

Year 3 Students Grow Plants for Patana Community

Year 3 students plan gardens in the Outdoor Classroom

This week, Year 3 students enjoy an authentic, learning experience within Patana’s very own functioning ecosystem, which is the Outdoor Classroom!  The students are interacting with nature by embarking upon a scavenger hunt; finding, collecting and identifying various parts of the many different plant varieties  that grow there.

Inspired by this incredible environment and seeing the potential of this space, our Year 3 students have staked out areas within the outdoor classroom site,  with the plan to create a number of their very own tropical fruit, vegetable and herb patches. 

Motivated and inspired, not only by science, but also by interculturalism,  the students have gained  a greater understanding of their responsibility to improve global sustainability by focusing on growing local produce that will be donated or made into food products for the gardeners and guards of the Patana community whose stalwart support is the backbone of the school. This project will give the students the opportunity to  give back and show thanks to people in our  own community who support the students in their learning . 

Year 3 look forward to updating the Patana community on the developments of their tropical allotment patches later in the academic year.

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