Year 4 Entrepreneurs

Year 4 Entrepreneurs

Stepping into the world of business…

Students Explore Entrepreneurship Through Hands-On Learning

In Year 4, students have been on an exciting journey into the world of Young Entrepreneurs. They’ve been learning that a business is more than just a product or a service. Behind every item we buy and every service we use, there is a story. Running a business involves many skills, like creativity, leadership, teamwork, communication, budgeting, planning, design, and being aware of customers’ needs. To become successful entrepreneurs, it’s important to understand the effort, resilience and thought needed to turn ideas into reality.

This learning theme strongly supports some of our Patana values: Well-being – motivated and engaged, Learning – collaborative and confident communicators; and Global Citizenship – being ethical and informed, and active stewards of the environment and our communities.

Term 3 began with a fun and intriguing activity to spark students’ curiosity: a visit to the theatre where they took part in a show called ‘What’s in My Box’. During the show, teachers demonstrated the art of persuasion by convincing students to select their precious box, only for them to discover that all the boxes were empty. This engaging activity highlighted the power of persuasive techniques and set the stage for their entrepreneurial learning.

Throughout the term, students developed many skills across various subjects to become young entrepreneurs. As writers, they learned the art of persuasion to create persuasive adverts for their products. In Geography, they explored the services and businesses in the local community, learned about different products available around the world, different types of currency, and the import and export activities of their host and home countries.

As historians, they discovered how people used to trade in the past, how currency has changed over time, and what goods were available to past societies. As global citizens, they focused on understanding their needs and wants and understanding the importance of supporting products that benefit communities and the environment.

In Design and Technology, students found out how to make their products, evaluate them, and how to market and advertise them to a target audience. Real-life Maths was also important as they worked out their costs per unit and used this information to develop a pricing policy with a realistic profit. They used this knowledge to create business blogs, sell their products online, and lead three successful Farmers’ Markets where they sold their bespoke handmade products.

The support from the Patana community was amazing, and all the money raised will go to our Year 4 charities, Mercy Centre and the Good Shepherd Sisters Thailand. This project taught students the importance of social responsibility and giving back to the community.

This term’s activities were not only fun but also helped students develop life-long skills. They became more curious and eager to explore the stories behind the things they buy and use every day. As our Year 4 students continue their educational journey, they are well-equipped with the foundational skills to become the successful entrepreneurs of the future. Their ability to integrate various skills, from persuasive writing to ethical consumerism, has set a strong groundwork for their future endeavors in the business world.

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