Year 6 Goes Back to Nature

Year 6 Goes Back to Nature

Year 6 creates their own organisms in their new unit of learning.

This half term, Year 6 are focusing on a new unit of learning, ‘Back to Nature’. Its aim is to celebrate both our local and wider environment, as well as thinking of what we can do to protect and sustain it in the future.

Taking a play-based and exploratory approach, Year 6 kicked off their entry point encompassing four different activities that the students rotated through. One activity unpicked what nature means and used digital photography to examine that more closely. Another activity took inspiration from the work of sculptor and environmentalist Andy Goldsworthy to produce pieces of artwork using the natural items around them. The sculptures were deliberately temporary, as is everything in nature. A third activity had mindfulness at its core; focusing on what mindfulness means, looks like and feels like. The students then explored being mindful in different outdoor spaces around the school. The final activity linked to their Science unit; Microorganisms. Having talked about the main groups (bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi and protozoa), the students were then tasked with either recreating some or creating their own using playdough and plasticine. They had to then come up with a name, type of microorganism, symptoms and the cure.

With imaginations running loose, there were all manner of weird and wonderful (and downright scary!) microorganisms being invented.

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