Year 6 Hosts Local Non-Profit

Year 6 Hosts Local Non-Profit

Learning about local communities

The Year 6 Enrichment class is focusing their final term of the academic year on trying to answer the question of what they can do to help support refugees in Thailand. A local non-profit, HOST International Thailand, visited the class to provide some background information on the status and well-being of local refugees. During the session, HOST presented information about the different communities of refugees that are living in Bangkok and throughout Thailand.

They started off by completing a word search that further emphasised important relative vocabulary, then listened to a story about what a refugee may experience when leaving their home country. The speakers, Khun Biwtie and Khun Kor, gave the students time to formulate questions related to refugees’ lived experiences. As a group, the students and speakers discussed different issues surrounding refugees and learned more about their experience within the Bangkok communities. HOST provided the class with an overview of how they work to support refugees in the local community by providing both farming and community assistance.

Our Year 6 students left the session having learned a lot about the local refugee situation. The class is now reflecting upon this session and considering ways to raise awareness and demonstrate the values of Global Citizenship. Thank you to Khun Biwtie and Khun Kor for visiting and spending your time with our students!

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