Year 8 Go on a Treasure Hunt

Year 8 Go on a Treasure Hunt

Year 8 used their mathematics skills to go on a treasure hunt.

Students in Year 8 put their understanding of negative numbers and order of operations to the test this week with a mathematics treasure hunt. They worked in breakout rooms to solve questions involving all operations with negative numbers, while remembering to apply BIDMAS.

BIDMAS is an acronym to help students remember the order of operations; Brackets, Indices, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction. Each correct answer led them along the hunt to a new problem to solve. Students recorded the letter at the top of each question so they could mark their answers towards the end of lesson. They are getting more confident using OneNote; their teacher is able to see their work and solutions both live in lessons or photos. All of the students made excellent progress and some groups even finished the entire treasure hunt in the lesson.

Well done Year 8!

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