Year 8 Want to Know – Would You Eat insects?

Year 8 Want to Know – Would You Eat insects?

Would you eat these doughnuts?

Year 8 have been learning about how we can use realistic models to promote different ways of eating, including insects! Inspired by Kappabashi-dori, the famous ‘fake food’ street in Tokyo; students were challenged to make a realistic fake doughnut with an insect-inspired theme. The goal? Make sure it would be appetising enough to promote the practice of entomophagy to more people.

What is entomophagy? Using insects as a food source for humans. This is particularly important now, as we become more aware as a community of the impact of our lifestyle on our planet and natural environment. Insects have been proven to be a vastly more efficient and sustainable food source than more conventional protein sources. Notably, they contain far more protein than beef per gram, as well as provide employment to communities in need.  Additionally, practising entomophagy also reduces deforestation for cattle ranches and the vast water consumption that livestock farming requires.

Perhaps you’ll see these in the canteen soon…but would you try one?

Eating insects in Arts
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