Year 9 Mathematics Face a Learning Curve

Year 9 Maths students are learning about straight line graphs…

The learning curve for Mathematics online has been steep for teachers and students alike, but we’re used to measurements and calculations like this in Mathematics. With each passing day, lessons more closely resemble those conducted face to face. Year 9 Tier 2 Mathematics students are currently looking at the equations of straight-line graphs. A whole-class video call is used to start the lesson and to unpick the Learning Intention and Success Criteria. Then students collaborate in small groups based on their physical table groups within the classroom.

These well-established working relationships allow for a lot of peer-to-peer support and enables the teacher to cycle through the groups much in the same way as in class. The use of the Whiteboard application facilitates both teacher led exposition and peer-to-peer collaboration. While all students and teachers are eager to get back into the classroom, there have been many technological lessons learned which will enhance the quality of teaching and learning when we are able to return to school.

Year 9 Mathematics