Year 9 PE – Options Galore!

Year 9 PE – Options Galore!

Year 9 explore options in PE

Year 9 students have many wonderful opportunities to explore different PE (Physical Education) options as they cycle through a variety of classes every six weeks. In Term 1 they learned football, tennis, badminton and touch/ rugby. So far in Term 2, they have covered softball, fitness, volleyball and water games. Later on, in Term 3 students will learn how to kayak, play basketball, climb and trampoline. Additionally, the students choose one activity to play; in the past they have gone for water polo, dance, indoor hockey, dodgeball and even Danish Longball! Here are some comments from the students:

“It gives us a chance to exercise, to be physical and not just in class all the time. My favourite is football, it’s the only sport I am good at!”

Natalie, 9L

“My favourites are football, tennis and volleyball. I never thought I would be good at tennis but because we tried it in PE I realised I enjoy it and am doing quite well, now I take lessons outside school and play on the team!”

Leti, 9L

“Trying different sports in PE opens horizons for me as a student, it gives me options for more teams by having more sports.”

Niamh, 9H

“We like socialising with peers in PE. The spirit is high because it’s outside of the classroom and we’re running off steam. PE is great for the future; we’re all learning to be active for life.”

Zara, 9S and Isabel, 9L

“PE is good not only for your physical health but our mental health. We’re releasing stress and having fun.”

Pearl, 9S

“We have a nice environment to learn. It’s a friendly and happy atmosphere in PE. We have fun whilst learning lots of valuable skills and keeping fit. I like playing team sports because we can learn from each other.”

Christina, 9K
Year 9 PE options
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