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Library Recommended Reading Lists


Compiled by Sally Flint Head of Libraries. 

In my current role as Head of Libraries and also in my previous position as Secondary English Teacher parents frequently ask me to recommend good quality literature to them. Whilst this sounds straightforward it is actually incredibly complicated. Everyone has their own views about what makes a book good. Is it for example a text with super illustrations? Is it a strong thematic focus dealing with contemporary issues that is required? It is something that has stood the test of time? Is it a text that is well written? Well, yes of course it needs to be well written is the immediate response, but that too is open to enormous debate: what, for example, makes one individual more qualified to judge the  ‘craft of the writer’ than another? What about personal taste, likes and dislikes?

It is clear then that no one reading list can fit all and in my opinion neither should it. I feel my role is to ensure that we have a wide range of resources available in our library for students to explore and enjoy. When choosing library books I, of course, take note of recommendations and value the opinions of experts who choose award winning texts. It is also essential that I consider the age of the students in relation to the suitability of topics.  It is within this context  that I try to provide a diverse choice  of resources so that as far as possible there is something for everyone.

Can then reading lists be useful? My view is that If reading lists are presented with an awareness of their limitations and the problems involved in constructing them, then they can be a helpful starting point for choosing books. I believe that they should be viewed as suggestions rather than a prescriptive list  of what must be read in order to be considered an accomplished reader. It is with this outlook that I tentatively share with you my own lists of recommended reads for  your children.  All the books suggested to you are available in our libraries.

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 IB Learner Profile Reading Recommendations for KS 1

KS 1 Reading Recommendations

Reading books recommendation according to categories

Primary Reading Recommendations  

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