2022 University Offers – Computer Science

2022 University Offers – Computer Science

Congratulations to our Grad ’22 university offers in Computer Science programmes!

Through their (I)GCSE and IB programmes, these students focused on the Computer Sciences, as well as a variety of complementary courses, including Business Studies, Modern Foreign Languages and History. Alex Schuepbach reiterated the importance of interdisciplinary interests; he said Humanities courses helped him to learn “about the effects of technology on people”. He said the higher-level courses in Computer Sciences and ICT offered at Bangkok Patana helped him to develop a deeper understanding of the subjects, further influencing his decision to pursue this field of study. “Rather than just learning about Excel and other general software programmes, I had the amazing opportunity to learn instead about the actual computer,” he said.

Amanda Yongvanich also values interdisciplinary studies and has prioritised this in her university selection. “With niche classes that bridge fields of study – be it Mathematics and Literature or Language Studies and Economics – Cornell propels its students to embrace multidimensional inquiry, practice lateral thinking and partake in perceptive discussions. By attending Cornell, my studies will transcend disciplinary frontiers, thereby equipping me with the skills and perspective to thrive in and contribute to the technological realm,” she said.

Tevfik Topdagi said that studying computer science in IB gave him the opportunity to learn how to code and understand the ins and outs of computer science in a fun environment. “I really enjoyed it and wanted to learn more, especially as our ever-increasing need to use computers and software makes this one of the most important fields right now,” he explained.

Mana Ganesh Kawamura also echoed this, saying that her favourite subject was computer science due to the creativity element that coding allowed, “whilst still being rigorous and logical like the other sciences.”

Patrik Holm is passionate about computer science, saying “Computer science provides a vocabulary for understanding the deeper principles at play in every domain of the world whilst also acting as a bridge between them.” He said that he admires Computer Science since it enables him to learn about “the fundamental structures of the problems we face by breaking them down into simple and quantifiable variables, allowing for the properties of their solutions to be constructed mathematically or through programming.”

With hobbies that vary from reading and writing to animation, beatboxing, skateboarding, volleyball, and golfing, these students have undoubtedly made the most of their time at Bangkok Patana, exploring ECA offerings and elective courses that align with their additional interests. Their range of career goals include game development, network engineering and Artificial Intelligence (AI) software engineering.

Matthew Elgon aspires to “create a day-trading algorithm in addition to working at a large tech firm as a software developer.” Adil Parvaiz hopes to “become an innovator in technology, particularly regarding its role in solving problems across various industries.” Tevfik related his desire to “help in the creation and development of new technology to improve lives and help people, combining my interest in computers with other fields I enjoy. For example, I could develop devices that can aide people with disabilities.” Similarly, Amanda is looking forward to being able to strengthen her technical foundation and adopt a creative outlook, further applying that lens to “develop programmes that enrich education, cross-cultural understanding, or other facets of our global ecosystem.”

Though they may be saying farewell to Bangkok Patana very soon, they expressed their desire to thank the Careers and Universities Counsellors for their help in navigating the applications systems and for their continuous support throughout the process.  

Computer Science Programme Offers (as of 3rd May 2022) include:

  • University of Bath (UK)
  • Bishop’s University (Canada)
  • University of California, Los Angeles (USA) (TES #20, QS #40, US News #14)
  • University of California, San Diego (USA) (TES #34, QS #48, US News #21)
  • Cardiff University (UK) (Russell Group)
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK)
  • Concordia University, Montreal (Canada)
  • Cornell University (USA) (TES #22, QS #21, Ivy League, US News #22)
  • Coventry University (UK)
  • DigiPen Institute of Technology (USA)
  • Edge Hill University (UK
  • Edinburgh Napier University (UK)
  • Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands)
  • University of Essex (UK)
  • University of Hull (UK)
  • HZ University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)
  • Kingston University (UK)
  • King’s College London (UK) (TES #35, Russell Group, QS #35, US News #33)          
  • University of Leeds (UK) (Russell Group)
  • University of Liverpool (UK) (Russell Group)
  • Arizona State University (USA)
  • Pennsylvania State University, University Park (USA)
  • Saxion University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)
  • University of Southampton (UK) (Russell Group)
  • Stenden University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)
  • University of Toronto (Canada) (TES #18, QS #26, US News #16)

Bolded university names are those that rank within the TES World University Rankings 2022; QS World University Rankings 2022; Ivy League Listings; and/or US News 2022 Best Global Universities Rankings

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