A Green Ship Appears in Year 3!

Through drama and play, students explored the green ship…

Year 3 students were surprised to find a green ship had appeared in their shared learning space! Over the roots, they clambered and through the bushes and vines, they crept. Year 3 plunged deeper and deeper through the ‘jungle’, and just when they were beginning to think they were lost, they suddenly came across a huge green ship!

Year 3 students had recently immersed themselves in the book ‘The Green Ship’ by Quentin Blake. More well-known for his distinctive illustrations throughout Roald Dahl’s books, Quentin Blake is also an author in his own right. Just like the children in the story, Year 3 students explored their green ship, discovering props and artefacts left behind. Through drama and play, the students explored the story’s setting and characters and have used this as a stimulus for their own writing. Their focus was on the understanding and development of descriptive language, with a particular focus on exciting adjectives. Following this activity, students were given the opportunity to have a go at creating their own similar tale of adventure!