Teachers are Learners Too!

Teachers are Learners Too!

Developing great teachers through CPL opportunities

Just before the half term holidays, our academic staff took time to focus on their own learning and professional development. One of Bangkok Patana’s biggest assets are our teachers, so it’s important to dedicate resources to keeping our teachers up to date with new developments in education, as well as time to reflect on their teaching and learning.

We are fortunate to have five CPL (Continued Professional Learning) Days each year. The two in August focus on getting ready for the new academic year; meeting new staff, welcoming new students and preparing classrooms and resources ready for the year ahead. In October, we really lean into gaining new knowledge and conducting mandatory training to ensure health and safety at the upcoming Residential Visits. Then in May, we take time to reflect on the academic year and start to plan ahead for the next one, building on the wins from the current academic year and learning from the mistakes.

Highlights of the October CPL Days include:

  • A keynote from Lauren Eskreis-Winkler (USA), a PhD student in Angela Duckworth’s Happiness Lab, about Grit and how to nurture it
  • A two hour workshop for Secondary Staff from Matt McGinlay of Evidence Based Education on CEM Data and how to use it to help students set targets and achieve their potential
  • A pre-recorded keynote from Tom Sherrington for Primary Staff on Instructional Coaching, followed by time to engage in 1:1 Coaching with a Peer
  • An online workshop with Angela Browne on Being Luminary by  challenging our perception gaps with regard to diversity and inclusion, which saw over 200 staff concurrently online using MS Teams
  • A Primary Science Week Pre-Conference Keynote from Ruben Meerman (The Surfing Scientist)
  • A workshop with Jade Molloy of Boundless Foundations for our Cross Campus Coaches on working with our youngest learners (Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1) in our Sports Academies
  • A workshop with Nick Deforest, author of The Global Playbook for our Sports Coaches and selected PE team members about best practice in ECA and Sports programming
  • Over 150 staff completing their Level 1 Water Safety Awareness Training
  • Over 180 staff completing their Level 1 First Aid Awareness Training
  • A chance to meet in small groups to discuss upcoming initiatives and our whole school development plan

CPL Days are also a chance to say thank you to our teachers and ensure they feel valued. We do this by inviting in barista to serve real coffee and a team of massage therapists to offer short relaxation foot massages. We also offer opportunities for staff to connect and socialise, including staff sport and an art class.

The information in this post is valid for the date posted above. Our curriculum and policies are dynamic. For up-to-date information, please contact the school directly.