A Simple Dream by Year 5 Student

Year 5 poem, A Simple Dream

Garam (Momo) Lee finished the last term in Year 5 with a new poem, ‘A Simple Dream’. Momo contributes her poetry regularly to the Patana News. You can find all of her poems over the past year here.

A Simple Dream

 A single iceberg, 
 Floating alone in the middle of a boundless ocean of blue,
 Bobbing up and down with no control over its destiny,
 Days go by, turning into weeks,
 One morning, a miracle,
 A small patch of emerald fur,
 Then a leaf pokes its head out of the ice,
 More time goes by, and a violet flower emerges,
 However, the sun’s beams are tireless, and the flower begins to wither,
 Desperate to keep the flower alive,
 The iceberg lets itself melt a little, 
 Risking its own existence to create a pool around the stem,
 It works, but the iceberg is now smaller and weaker,
 Drifting towards nowhere,
 More time goes by,
 And then, one day, on the horizon,
 An island of white, cold and vast,
 Gradually moving closer,
 Eager to become part of something bigger,
 The iceberg waits,
 Dependable waves continue to nudge, pushing it towards its destination,
 However, one wave is too energetic and knocks the iceberg slightly off balance,
 As it begins to drift,
 Further away in the wrong direction,
 A morpho butterfly lands on the iceberg,
 After a brief rest, it shifts its position, fluttering its wings,
 The butterfly gives a gentle push, launching itself into the air and the iceberg back on course,
 The iceberg merges into the mountain of white,
 A quiet coldness gives it strength,
 After some months,
 More flowers begin to bloom,
 Turning white into violet.