A Twist in the Tale

A Twist in the Tale

Niall de Burca twisted words to impart dramatic stories….

On Storytelling Day, Year 9 English students enjoyed an afternoon with traditional storyteller Niall de Burca. He had the students enthralled with his intense, captivating and at times gruesome storytelling. Through physical expression and aural effects he demonstrated different ways of telling stories and encouraged our students to visit galleries, exhibitions and to “…open up your hearts to the Arts”. Year 9 students loved his performances, here are some of their reviews:

It was engaging and dramatic. You could never experience something like that through a screen.” Naomi Alpern, 9J.

Utterly astounding. Profoundly original. Left us speechless; his mere stage presence was adequate to immerse the whole audience into his thought-provoking narratives.” Otys Unger, 9U. 

A group of Year 10 Fine Art students also worked with Niall De Burca. The Art Department provided Niall with the theme ‘Today Tomorrow’ and asked him to deliver a story relating to the theme. He told the story in three parts, whilst the students listened and responded visually through sketching. The story inspired students to think about migration, sustainability and the importance of our own personal understanding of the environment we live in.

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