A Cosmic Journey through Year 5!

A Cosmic Journey through Year 5!

Year 5 students proudly showcased their research on how space travel impacts humanity…

Year 5 students proudly shared their learning with Year 6 classes before the end of term on their cosmic journeys through learning about space. Each expo showcased research that groups of Year 5 students recently carried out, following their interests through a line of inquiry. Their foci ranged from the intricacies of ‘Life onboard the ISS’ to the forces of ‘Gravitational Pull’, all in response to their driving question: How does space travel impact humanity?

The Year 6 students were treated to an immersive experience, featuring ‘live’ news reports, learning from leaflets and engaging infographics, interactive quizzes to test their knowledge, and exploration of detailed models, diagrams and presentations. All students (and teachers) agreed they learnt many new interesting facts about space. The interactive nature of the expo not only expanded the children’s cosmic horizons but also fostered active listening skills as Year 6 focused on the presentations with enthusiasm and respect. 

For the Year 5 students, their presentation skills and confidence continue to flourish.

One Year 5 student commented: “It has been brilliant. If I could do this again one hundred times, I would.”

The class expos displayed not only the collaborative spirit within the school but also highlighted the power of hands-on, inquiry-based learning. We celebrate the success of Year 5’s cosmic journey, including the sense of curiosity and love for learning that will undoubtedly continue to grow in the years to come.

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