Ahoy Year 2!

Ahoy Year 2!

A thrilling voyage into the world of pirates..

In Year 2 classrooms this term, students are embarking on an exciting learning adventure themed around pirates, where education meets swashbuckling fun! From navigating the high seas of mathematics to engaging in dramatic battles on the open ocean, they have dived headfirst into a treasure trove of knowledge.

Mathematics becomes a thrilling challenge as students concoct their own pirate grog, applying addition, subtraction, and measurement skills to mix the perfect brew. Meanwhile, in literacy, they’re crafting imaginative recounts of epic battles, sharpening their storytelling abilities while reliving the adventures of legendary pirates.

Science lessons take on a salty twist as students explore the principles of forces through pirate-themed experiments and challenges, and the classroom transforms into a lively pirate ship during drama sessions, where students don eye patches and hoist the Jolly Roger, and immersed themselves in the pirate life to inspire their learning further.

And what’s a pirate-themed term without a dress-up day? After half term, students eagerly anticipate donning their finest pirate attire, ready to sail the seven seas of imagination. Plus, they’re honing their musical talents by learning classic sea shanties, adding a melodious touch to their buccaneer adventures.

In Year 2, learning isn’t just educational—it’s a thrilling voyage into the world of pirates, where every discovery is a treasure and every lesson an adventure on the high seas of knowledge

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