An Explorer Visits Year 5

An Explorer Visits Year 5

‘What’s the most painful sting or bite you’ve ever had?’

Year 5 students and teachers were delighted to have a visit from a real-life explorer recently. Coke Smith, Environmental Science teacher at Bangkok Patana and dedicated wildlife photographer, came to share some of his amazing stories and photographs from over the years.

The links to the current Year 5 curriculum around Rainforests and ‘The Explorer’ text by Katherine Rundell were perfect as Coke talked all about his seven-week trip to the Amazon Rainforest last summer. There were gasps and wide eyes all round as the children and teachers listened, fascinated by the tales he told.

Lots of enthusiastic and insightful questions from the children at the end included ‘What’s the most painful sting or bite you’ve ever had?’ and ‘Are there any creatures you have never seen but would love to?’ After the talk, Coke was preparing to travel to the Vietnamese rainforest that night to search for a rare species of bird. You can see some of Coke’s stunning photographs at his website

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