Arts Awards 2021; Music Awards

Arts Awards 2021; Music Awards

Outstanding musicians in Jazz, Orchestra and Choir received awards for their work in Music in the Arts Awards 2021.

Awards for Choir, Jazz and Orchestra musicians who have shown outstanding work in 2021.

Choir- Audry Shelford

Audry has been a dedicated member of the Senior and Chamber Choir for five years. She is a passionate vocal leader and always strives for the ensembles to sound their best. Audry often takes initiative in rehearsals by helping her section and revising parts that are challenging. She has a great ear for part singing and is a positive member of the ensemble. Audry we wish you the best of luck next year and will miss singing with you!

Jazz – Kentaro Kawakita

Kentaro is a member of the Patana Big Band. He is reliable, resilient and always comes prepared to play. He exemplifies what it means to be an ensemble player: dedicated, responsible, mindful, determined. In addition to his skills as a team player, his solo trombone performance of Charade with the Patana Big Band this past April captured the true essence of the piece and one might say that he actually exceeded his potential! Congratulations Kentaro!

Orchestra – Rada (Sammy) Anuras

After being an active member of the Patana Orchestra for several years, Sammy stepped in as the principal violinist of the ensemble in the second term of this year. She showed dedication and commitment from the first day of being in the position. She continues to be a role model for all orchestra members by being prepared and active at all times. Sammy is featured in the Orchestra’s home video of Bizet’s Carmen, showcasing deep knowledge and understanding of, and great passion for music.

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