Visual Arts Award 2021

Visual Arts Award 2021

Ying Chi Ku is celebrated as the Visual Arts Award winner in 2021 for her work over the years.

Ying Chi Ku

I am delighted to announce Ying Chi as a ‘Visual Arts Award 2021’ winner. I have had the privilege of teaching Ying Chi for the past five years, this includes the duration of her HL IB Visual Arts course and prior to this her GCSE Graphic Communication course as well as a year of Key Stage 3 Art! Ying Chi has always been diligent, thoughtful and attentive and her sensitive art making style is evidence of this approach. Ying Chi brings great care to her work both practically and conceptually. She likes nothing more than creating intricate drawings, refined to meticulous detail. However, it has been in the last couple of years during her IB Visual Arts course that Ying Chi has really challenged herself and stepped outside her comfort zone, quite literally into the streets of the Khlong Toei slum! Why? Because an initial fascination with cityscapes and architecture led her to a passion for artistically investigating the polarity of communities within an urban environment such as Bangkok. Christopher Ferne, Head of Arts Faculty

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