Visual Arts Award 2021

Visual Arts Award 2021

Tahilia Constant received the Visual Arts Award 2021 for her work.

Tahilia Constant

Tahilia Constant has made outstanding progress in Visual Arts during her time at Bangkok Patana and I am very pleased to celebrate her achievements by announcing that she has received the ‘Visual Arts Award 2021’. Tahilia’s achievements in Visual Arts culminated in an inspiring final show earlier in the year, at the IB Exhibition. Her work covered a broad range of themes, media and techniques – with stand out pieces including a series of found wooden figures, distressed with fire and painted meticulously, using an Aboriginal Australian dot painting technique. Another piece focussed on the stunning headdresses worn by the tribespeople of Northern Thailand, created in silk paints and incorporating a striking gold background. Additionally, Tahilia’s ability to work with materials in a way that really accentuates their individual aesthetic quality and beauty, really highlights her originality and diverse methods. Ross Corker, Curriculum Leader for Art

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