Art Awards 2021

Art Awards 2021

Coke Smith’s passion for the Arts is seen in Art, Music and Drama.

A Passionate Performance Across The Arts

Occasionally we are lucky enough to encounter a student for whom a genuine love and an understanding of the Arts is embedded in their character. A passion that renders all of the Arts inextricable. For them, distinctions that define Arts subjects seem to disappear – it’s all a platform for expression! Alexander Coke Smith deserves a special mention for truly living the Arts and providing us with so many unforgettable performances across Art, Music and Drama whilst at Bangkok Patana School. Christopher Ferne, Head of Arts Faculty

Reflections from Ross Corker, Curriculum Leader for Art

Coke has been a strong advocate for the Music department throughout his time at Bangkok Patana. He started out as a member of the Key Stage 3 Vocal Ensemble. This singing experience led him to become a committed member of the Senior Choir and Chamber Choir. Coke is a true showman and always catches the audience’s eye; his unique gestures and expressions in his performances will be missed. Coke has been a constant presence in the Music department, has formed multiple bands and has given many memorable performances at Patana Plugged over the years. In addition, he has embraced many guest performances with the Patana Big Band and Patana Jazz Ensemble and has been known for some unique solos at Patana Jazz and Blues. Coke has a real passion for Music and his stage presence has attracted many audience members over the years. The Secondary Music Team wishes you well and hope you will continue to make and enjoy music.

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