Back to school!

Back to school!

Students were happy to see their friends in school again.

Back to school normally means the start of a new school year, except this time when students are returning after the COVID-19 school closure. The excited chatter of students as they greeted their friends for the first time in months felt just the same.

“I really missed seeing my friends” said one Year 3 student. Another piped up, “I am glad I don’t have to share my desk! [like at home]”

Returning Secondary students were also happy to be back in class, talking to their teachers in person. Senior students were quick to use the study space on the second floor of Senior Studies, where they could collaborate in person, while socially distancing.

Social distancing, using hand gel and wearing masks were all in force as students mindfully followed the guidelines in class, on break and at lunch.

One Year 1 student summed up the day, “I think Bangkok Patana School must have missed us while we were gone.”

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