Year 9 Challenged by Escape Room

Year 9 Challenged by Escape Room

Year 9 students collaborated to escape the Escape Room

Year 9 Students took part in an Escape Room challenge from home last week. They tell us a bit more about it here:

“Last week we got to focus on a very fun and engaging task that we had already done before and as many people enjoyed this we got to do it again. Personally, I enjoy this task a lot as we get to work in groups of three or fours and get to engage with each other.”

“By now you must be wondering what we did – well we got to participate in an online Escape Room. This task requires lots of collaboration and teamwork; therefore, it got us to engage with others, who were not our siblings or parents. Moreover, today’s escape room was based on the story about ‘The Monkey’s Paw’. We had under one hour to complete the challenge. To solve this mystery we were given five locks that we had to unlock to be able to finish the escape room. These five locks consisted of different skills such as; reading passages to uncover a hidden message or rearranging events to find out messages, watching videos to solve a cryptogram or even using our geography skills to find out the latitude and longitude of a point. Overall, it was a great task that kept us all engaged throughout the lesson.”

Escape room in Year 9
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