Birds Enjoy Our Campus Too!

Birds Enjoy Our Campus Too!

The green spaces at Bangkok Patana reflect the value placed on the environment

Our keen-eyed school photographers have been using their skills to photograph birds at Bangkok Patana. While there is definitely greater activity when school is out, birds still abound when school is in session.

We have spotted 13 different species of birds including the bee-eater, olive-backed sunbird, common lora, black-naped oriole, Indian pond heron, common kingfisher, black collared starling, coppersmith barbet, Indian mynah, spotted dove, yellow-vented bulbul and several different types of cuckoos including the large hawk cuckoo, emerald cuckoo, Asian koel and plaintive cuckoo.

Magpie robins near the Secondary Office are hard at work chasing the squirrels away and the bulbuls are feeding their chicks in the nests. The Asian koels are filling the air with their distinctive calls while the bee-eaters are hard at work hunting bees and wasps.

Some of these birds only rest and nest in areas plush with greenery. We’re happy to have them enjoying our campus!

How many of these birds can you name? Want to learn more about birds in Thailand check this site out.

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