Our Female Leaders: Thitiyaporn Pangpeng, Ror Dor Instructor

Our Female Leaders: Thitiyaporn Pangpeng, Ror Dor Instructor

Khun Gigg is the Ror Dor Instructor at Bangkok Patana

International Women’s Day 2021 is on Monday 8th March. Leading up to this day, we are focusing on female leaders at Bangkok Patana School and learning how they #choosetochallenge.

Khun Gigg, Ror Dor Instructor

Khun Thitiyaporn Pangpeng or Khun Gigg as everyone knows her, is not only the Buildings and Grounds Assistant but also the Ror Dor Instructor for Bangkok Patana students. The Ror Dor programme provides young men with military officer training at the Secondary level.

“I am really different from other instructors in that I go through the Ror Dor training course with the boys. I want them to know that I am always there and that I can help them to solve any problems. I work to be an example to the boys, to show them how to do the course. Many, when they first start, are unsure of having a woman instructor. I can see they look at me like “Oh, she’s a woman.” However, I show them the training, I join it with them. They see that even though I am instructor I show up and get dirty with them. Every training day they see what I do to support them and get them through the course. During the training our relationships are built up over time, during our time together they develop the courage to talk to me and trust me with their issues.”

“At the end of training, they look at me proudly, not because I am a woman but because of the way I lead. I want them to all feel that I know they are there and that we are a team, a family.” #internationalwomensday #IWD2021

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