Block 4 ECAs Begin!

Check out Block 4 ECAs in action…

Block 4 ECAs began this week, providing students with a wide range of opportunities to try new things, explore their interests and further hone their skills. Students across Primary and Secondary spend their afternoons engaged in extra-curricular offerings which are carefully screened and selected by the Sports and Activities Department and fall within our three schools values of Well-Being, Learning and Global Citizenship. The hundreds of ECA options provided in each Block are aimed to draw out students’ interests and fulfill their potential. Extra-curricular activities also facilitate the broadening of students’ perspectives, adding balance to their academic lives and improving their well-being.

Some of the Block 4 ECA offerings include: Young Engineers, Water Colour Painting, Resin Jewelry Making, Minecraft, Kitchen Science, Junk Modelling, KidsRobotics, Garage Band, DJ, Cooking, and Chess (for all age levels). Check them out in action below!